Making a positive and important change in the world of talent


Why work at Prime Reason

At Prime Reason, we believe that the collective effort of all our people is the key to the success of our implementations and ongoing engagement with our customers.

Our vibrant and independent people are organised into autonomous teams on a project by project basis and stay close to the customers through the lifespan of the engagement, which opens up opportunities for growth and development.

Why work at Prime Reason

Work on projects that excite you

This is your opportunity to solve important problems facing the businesses of today.

We have a wide range of clients across different industries with varying needs. So finding work that is suitable for you will be a walk in the park.

Career planning opportunities

We have tons of career succession planning opportunities at Prime Reason.

Becoming one of us means that you will have the power to set off your career in a high tone. Most of our employees came through as graduates with little to no experience. They have now grown to become masters in the talent and learning management industry.

A learning driven environment

We aim to provide a learning based environment and proud ourselves for the career development opportunities we have presented to each and every one of our employees.

Training is one of our main objectives. So we make sure that all of our employees have a clear understanding of every one of our core business process.

This ensures a safe space for sharing ideas across divisions and makes sure that you’re best equipped to engage in different types of conversations concerning our business.

Added benefits

  • Flexible working hours and work from home
  • Reduced internal conflicts
  • Being around other creative thinkers
  • Unlimited leave days
  • Travel opportunities
  • Desirable renumeration
  • Education support program
  • Career planning opportunities
  • Cool work environment