Simplify your performance management process


Easy touch points. Ongoing feedback. Regular and open check-in’s

Simplify your performance management process through a time-saving review process. Continuously analyze and improve results instead of annual performance reviews.

  • Easily integrate check-in's into existing workflow
  • Replace long reports, email threads, and spreadsheets
  • Deliver snapshots and actionable data instantly
Easy touch points

Unlock your company talents' potential with a continuous performance management system


Set achievable objectives with open tangible measures. Monitor overall progress and сreate objective-oriented tasks

360 Evaluation

Provide the most objective assessment by 360-degree feedback that supports necessity to continue learning, growing and evolving.


Give two-way and multidirectional feedback. Build strong relationships and improve overall individual and organizational success.


Use open or anonymous surveys for real-time feedback and get insight into how employees feel at their workplace.

1:1 and Team Talks

Provide personal and team dialogue, define agenda and scope to find insights for your employees’ better performance.

A new and better way to improve performance for employees and managers

Performance Check In's

Set recurrent performance measurements between managers and employees. Stay on track with the help of performance check-in’s.

Performance Check In_s
different perspectives

360° Evaluation

Collect the most objective assessment from different perspectives. Managers, subordinates, employee and external contacts can be involved in a well-rounded feedback process. Automatize all processes and analyze all responses in one place.


Develop and visualize connections in vision, strategy and objectives for all employees. Let your employees understand their influence on the company’s success. Just link company strategy with employees personal objectives and add aligned activities for achieving.


OKRs (Objective & Key Results)

Adopt a modern goal-setting system that helps to focus on really important objectives and transparently synchronize work of all teams/departments. Ambitious goals, full transparency of all levels and clearly defined key results of each achievement. It’s all about OKRs

All integration that your team needs

Improve your current work setup with seamless integrations


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