Measure employee engagement and get actionable insights


Easily and Frequently - track and measure what matters

All you need to create highly engaged employees and gather actionable and continuous insights.

  • EnpS and Engagement rating to power your hr research
  • 2-way dialogue outreach
  • 5 min KPI tracking or Performance Evaluation
  • User-friendly mobile system
  • Set, measure and customize questions
Easily and Frequently - track and measure what matters

Help your employees reach milestones in a much simpler way

eNPS Measurement

Understand how your employees feel and overall mood of the organization


Replace annual reviews with an evaluation survey, simplify manager’s feedback

Create your own

Our pulse module is fully customizable, so you can build any survey you like

HR Researches

Easily find work-life balance and similar HR researches with quick questions

Create recurrent performance measurements between managers and employees

by asking simple questions

Generate meaningful insight by asking simple questions

Create fast and easy employee surveys for small and large teams with a clear automated report. Get started today with our best practices templates or create your own survey questionnaires from a library.

Employee engagement and loyalty

For good communication and engagement, you need a modern 2-way dialogue outreach that creates trust and transparency

Employee engagement and loyalty
Reaching milestones with Pulse

Reaching milestones with Pulse

Use pulse survey for 5 min KPI tracking or Performance Evaluation, save hours of meetings between managers and employees.

All integration that your team needs

Improve your current work setup with seamless integrations


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